Little Whiskers Rattery and Co. is located in Tyrone, Pennsylvania (central pa). We are a small hobby rattery and focus solely on health, happiness, and temperament.  Babies are handled from birth and well socialized. We believe that temperament and health is indeed genetic, but can also be *nurtured* to enhance quality! (See EPIGENETICS) We understand that is important to give each individual rat special attention, along with a good diet, plenty of exercise, an engaging habitat, and enrichment. We take a holistic approach with our practice here at the rattery!  We have varieties of the fancy rat, but focused colors are Blacks, Agouti variety, and various Blues, Spotted Tabby (Marble) and Silvermane and Rex coat types. Above this, is focusing on choosing and developing the best temperaments possible!


We are strong believers in epigentics! A rat will pass on its traits, genetically, but the environment and upbringing play a part as well.  

We typically have only two - three litters at a time, in order to focus on health and socializing. All babies are raised in an engaging habitat to enhance their brain development and health. It's our goal to prepare them for a good, happy, and healthy life. It’s very important to make sure ALL of our ratties live a good life. All of our does and bucks are part of our family. They are fed a balanced diet and given a large habitat to keep them entertained, healthy, and happy.  As of 2020, our rattery has been tested Negative, for serious infectious viruses, such as SDAV, SENDAI, HANT, and more. We test annually to be sure this does not change


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