(Pictured above is our best selling set, 3 piece bundle.)

Babies enjoying our forage pot feeder toy!

*All adopters get a 10% discount on all products! If you are adopting pups from us, please let us know if you're interested!

Orders must be placed at least two - three weeks before picking up your rats and set, to allow enough time to make custom items!

All Products are handmade with rat safe materials.  Product designs are inspired by our own rats desire to play, explore, forage, chew, or lounge.  All products are tested and approved by residents of Little Whiskers Rattery!!!

(Please remove items from your pets cage if they begin to eat or damage them)

Hammock/Accessory Price List:


Custom Fleece Hammocks:


Small Flat Hammock: $8

Medium Flat Hammock: $10

Large Flat Hammock: $15


Medium Honeycomb or Bunkbed Hammock: $17

Large Honeycomb or Bunkbed Hammock: $22


Small Cube Hammock: $25

Medium Cube Hammock: $35

Large Cube Hammock: $45


Small Corner Hammock: $6

Medium Corner Hammock: $8

Large Corner Hammock: $10


Critter Nation Ramp Cover: $15


Medium Fall Breaker:$15

Large Fall Breaker: $20


Toys/Chews/Forage Play:


Forage Pot Toy: $12

x2 Forage Pot toys: $20

Double Decker Forage Pot Toy: $22


LARGE Forage Pot Toy: $15


Coconut Shell Forage Toy: $15


Small (7x7)Seagrass Forage Wall: $10

Medium(10x10) Seagrass Forage Wall: $15

Large (14x12 or )Seagrass Forage Wall: $25 (Out of stock)


Stainless Steel Kabob: $22 (reusable and long lasting)


Wood Chew: $7




Medium(rat size) Sets:


  • 2 PC Set: $20 (Includes 1 honeycomb OR bunkbed and 1 corner)
  • 3 PC Set: $30 (Includes 1 honeycomb OR bunkbed, 1 medium flat, 1 medium corner)
  • 4 PC Set: $45 (Includes 1 honeycomb OR bunkbed, 1 medium flat, 1 medium corner, and 1 fall breaker OR ramp cover) 
  • 5 PC Set: $62(Includes 1 Honeycomb, 1 Bunkbed, 1 Flat, 1 corner and 1 fall breaker)


  • “The Rat Starter Set”: $35 (Includes 2 medium flats and 1 forage toy)
  • ”The Simple Rat Set”:  $45 (Includes 5 medium flats)
  • ”The Super Spoiled Rat Set”:  $105 (Includes 1 honeycomb, 1 bunked, 2 flats, 4 corners, 1 medium fall breaker, 1  forage toy, and one wood chew)




  • Small sizes are ideal for mice, hamsters, gerbils, etc 
  • Medium sizes are ideal for rats/chinchillas/degu, etc. 
  • Large sizes are ideal for ferrets, large colonies, etc.

(X2 Medium Size Flat hammocks)

(Honeycomb Hammock)

(Stainless Steel Kabobs)



(Forage Pot Toy)

(Double Decker Forage Pot Toy (plastic)



(LARGE Forage Pot Toy)



(Bunkbed Hammock)

(Medium Corner Hammock)




(Seagrass Forage Mats)




(2pc Set - Medium Honeycomb and corner hammock)

(Coconut Shell Forage Toy)