Our Lines

Although temperament and health is highest priority at our Rattery, we also prioritize well structured body types along with quality colors, markings, and coat types. We base standards and quality off of AFRMA guidelines. (Some varieties we work with are not yet recognized by AFRMS or NFRS). Below are examples of the varieties we work with, which are established lines of specific genetics.



Mystic Line 

This line is my whole heart and soul! The Mystic line consists of both Black and Russian blue, on both standard coats and Silvermane Coats(aka d'Argent) Silvermane is a "Silvered" effect to coat.....the tips of the hair shaft are silvered and they have a very soft/silky texture to the coat. Silvermanes will also have a mask on face, feet, and tail. Can be present on any coat, but shows better on dark colors. Rex coats can also be found on this line. Badger, Berkshire, Variberk, and Irish markings can also be present. Usually Dumbo ear, but some top ear.

Shaggy Line

Rexoid coats, present on various colors and sometimes combined with Silvermane. The varieties we work with are Teddy Rex and Bristle Rex.  The whiskers are kinky/wavy/curly too! Currently Our rex coats primarily are shown on agouti, black, and Russian blue coats. Sometimes I have RED dilute rex as well. Rexiod coats typically show better on males, as opposed to females.  

Spotted Birch Line 

Black, Blue, and Agouti Marbles(Spotted Tabby) This coat is so unique!  Base color will be light with dark spotting all over, including a dorsal stripe down the back. Our variety also has white spotting and blazes. 

(Extension and co-bred with River Birch Line)

Birch Line

This line is named after our foundation doe and the greatest rat I ever had "Birch". She is featured in our logo.  Birch was a beautiful Silvermane Blue Agouti Badger with the most unique personality who lived to be 3.5 years old.  Our Badger, Marble, and Agouti lines are from her. This line is specifically a combination of Agouti, Russian Blue, Russian Blue Agouti, and Black along with RED eye dilute genes (Either present or carried recessively) This red eye dilute then produces fawn, beige, blue beige, champagne, and we also have occasional Silver Fawn. Below are examples of these varieties, present in either solid, Badger, Variberk, or Berkshire patterns. (Agouti Silvermane's are popular in this line).  

(RED, Red eye Dilute) Fawn, Russian Fawn, Beige, Blue-Beige, Champagne, etc