Adoption Agreement

This is a legally binding agreement between the breeder (Little Whiskers Rattery) and the Buyer _________________________, for adoption of rats. The terms of this contract are as follows:


Deposits, Payment, and Refunds:

A deposit is due upon selecting/reserving choice of rats.  Deposits are 50% of the sum of the Adoption Fee. The remainder of the fee must be paid prior to pick up, or at pick up.
Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Buyer will forfeit the deposit and any rights to the said rats if:  The buyer fails to complete the purchase of the rats for any reason, or the buyer doesn't show up to an agreed-upon hand-off without any warning.  In either event, the Breeder/Seller shall be free to sell the rats to another party.

In the event that the rats are not available due to sickness, death, or any other circumstance owing to the fault of Seller, Buyer’s deposit will be either refunded or a replacement will be offered.

Beyond that, all deposits are non-refundable and no refunds will be given if the Buyer decides they no longer wish to have the rats at any time.


Rats must be picked up within 12 days of reserving.  A holding fee of $5/day will be charged if rats are not collected on agreed date/time.



Seller’s Representations and Warranties:

Seller represents and warrants to Buyer that:

Seller is the legal and true owner/breeder of said rats and Seller has full right and authority to sell the said rats.
The seller guarantees that the said rats are as described, the correct sex, females are not pregnant and said rats were bred by the seller.
Seller guarantees that the said rats are in good health to the best of the Seller’s knowledge.

Buyer agrees to quarantine said rats for a minimum of two weeks. 

Buyer agrees that said rats are being purchased as PETS ONLY and shall not be bred. 

7 Day Health Guarantee: The Buyer has 48 hours from the time they took possession of said rats to have the rats examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the Buyer’s sole cost. If said rats fail the examination, the Buyer may return the rats, with a written statement from the veterinarian, for a full refund of the rats or exchange for another rat(s), at the discretion of the Breeder. All vet fees are covered solely by the Buyer. Failure by the Buyer to have the rats examined within the 48-hour period will nullify this warranty. If the Buyer chooses to keep said rats, no replacement or refund will be given and all medical costs and treatment are the sole responsibility of the Buyer and the health guarantee will be null and void. Our 7-day Health guarantee applies AFTER the vet visit, covering any serious health or genetic issues. (“New Home” sneezes, and/or porphyrin are excluded. Please ask Breeder for more info)


This does not cover abuse/neglect or any improper care. The Buyer agrees they have thoroughly researched the health and care of rats and understand how that care will relate to their overall health.
Buyer is always responsible for all medical costs of their rats. This guarantee covers only the original buyer listed in this contract and is not transferable.


Temperament Disclaimer: Breeder confirms that said rats have passed all Temperament Testing Exercises and are suitable pets, while residing at the Rattery.  Although we aim for exceptional temperaments and breed sound rats with genetically good temperaments, we cannot guarantee long term temperaments due to environmental changes. No refunds or replacements will be offered unless, a vet examines animal and confirms a genetic defect. In that case, there must be a written statement from a Licensed Veterinarian.

Shyness, overstimulation, and nervousness are natural reactions for any animal that is exposed to sudden environmental changes, especially if transported by a third party.  Overall temperament should be evaluated AFTER the quarantine period. 


Risk of Third Party Transport:  The breeder relinquishes any responsibility for the health, safety, and temperament of all rats adopted, once the rats enter the care of a third party. There will be NO guarantees provided for rats transported through a third party service.

Buyer understands the risks of using a third party transportation method.  In the event of using a third party transportation method, all adoption fees and transportation fees must be paid BEFORE leaving the rattery and entering the care of third party.


Buyer’s Representations:

The rats will reside indoors in a safe and proper temperature-controlled environment.
The buyer acknowledges that they are allowed to keep pets and rats at their current home. Buyer either owns the home or has written consent from their landlord/Owner of residence, and it is legal to own rats and/or these varieties of rats at their location. The buyer has consented to own rats from everyone in the household so that they will not be forced/asked to re-home them.
The buyer will keep the rats in a proper well-ventilated cage of adequate size. Cage bars need to be no larger than ½ inch wide.
The buyer will provide a clean and healthy environment for the rats. The buyer will keep the rats cage clean, safe, and secure.
The buyer will provide the rats with nutritious proper food and provide fresh, clean water.
The buyer will always provide necessary veterinary care for the lifetime of the rats. Necessary care means they will seek treatment for any major injury or illness and that the rat’s quality of life will always be high. No rat will be allowed to suffer without treatment. Please also feel free to contact breeder with any concerns or questions regarding the rats health and wellbeing.
The buyer agrees that rats are highly social animals and need companionship from other rats of the same sex (or a spayed/neutered rat of the opposite sex). Buyer acknowledges that they, other people, or other species do not replace the companionship of another rat and that keeping a rat alone is neglect.  Buyer agrees that they will always provide their rats with a same-sex or a spayed/neutered rat of the opposite sex cage mate.

If the Buyer is purchasing the rats for their children (Under the age of 18) they acknowledge that a pet is a huge responsibility outside of a child’s sole care. The buyer agrees that it is to be a family pet and that they, as the adult/parent are responsible for the rats care for the entirety of their life.

The buyer acknowledges that the rats they have received are the rats they agreed to purchase. By accepting the rats the Buyer agrees that there are no obvious health issues or concerns.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Seller and Buyer have made no other agreements, promises, representations or warranties, express or implied, unless specifically stated in this Agreement.

By signing this agreement, you, the Buyer, agrees that you have been informed of everything in this contract that pertains to your specific purchase on the date listed below by the Seller/Breeder. You agree that you’ve had all questions and concerns answered and were of sound mind at the time of signing this waiver and contract. By signing this you did not purchase under false pretenses and fully acknowledge the consequences outlined in said contract about doing so.


IN CASE OF BREACH OF CONTRACT: If the Buyer fails to uphold  the terms stated in this contract or fails to uphold their answers given on their Adoption Form, such as breeding rats that they had stated they would not, the Buyer acknowledges that the breach of contract will result in the Seller requesting the return of said rats, alerting other breeders in the community of the breach of contract, and possibly further action at the Seller's discretion





At our rattery, cleanliness, health, and sanitation is a huge focus.  We do our very best to raise healthy rats. As of July 2020, our rattery has been tested negative for all zoonosis diseases, as well as serious/threatening rodent specific diseases/viruses. We test annually for these pathogens, via Serology. (We do not test for SBM, as testing has been proven to be unreliable.)  Due to environmental factors, these circumstances can change once rats leave our facility, so please practice proper sanitation and care. Quarantine for a minimum of 2 weeks.


Taking on any pet, regardless of species, can pose health risks. Please be smart and practice proper sanitation and cleanliness with your pets.  Always wash your hands before and after handling.  If there is an animal bite or scratch from any pet seek medical advice, even more so if someone is a child, pregnant, elderly, or has a compromised immune system. 

I, the breeder, Jasmine Brunner (Little Whiskers Rattery) am fully informing, you, the adopter, on this date, of the risks of owning pet rats, and you, the adopter hereby accept the risks of owning pet rats and release, I, the breeder, Jasmine Brunner, of any liability associated with owning pet rats. The buyer has filled out their adoption form truthfully. The buyer has read, understands, and acknowledges the liability waiver.

This agreement is legally binding and shall be governed by the laws of the state where it is executed. The undersigned have executed this agreement on the said date and year written.


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Todays Date:__________________________________

Breeder/Owner/Founder: Jasmine Brunner

Tyrone, Pa